National Milestones – have your say!

This year we are setting National Milestones for Wales. We hope for these milestones to play an important role alongside the Programme for Government in fulfilling our commitment of delivering a stronger, fairer and greener Wales. We have been working closely with stakeholders to develop our thinking on draft national milestone values in eight important areas, and these have become  the national milestones we will set in 2021 and areas are the values we are seeking views on in our current Shaping Wales’ future consultation.

Each national milestone will contribute to a number of the well-being goals within the Well-being of Future Generation’s Act and, when considered together, will give a good indication of our nation’s progress. We intend to lay the first wave of national milestones for Wales before the Senedd in December 2021. The current draft values have been developed with stakeholders through a number of forums, engagement events and discussions.

The attached infographic sets out our proposals for the first wave of national milestones and the values that we would like your views on. The consultation closes on the 25 October so there is plenty of time for you to respond and share your thoughts and we want to hear from as many people as possible on the proposals. Questions relating to each proposed national milestone can be accessed here.

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