Shaping Wales’ Future: Using National Indicators and Milestones to measure our Nation’s progress

As part of the Shaping Wales’ Future programme, the Welsh Government has published the first wave of Wales’ national milestones under the seven well-being goals, an updated suite of national well-being indicators, and the second edition of the Future Trends Report Wales.

These are three important parts of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 that tell us about the progress we’re making towards our well-being goals, help us better understand any challenges we might face on the way and ensure we seize the opportunities we have to do things better. You can access the publications here:

National Milestones

Updated national indicators

Consultation – summary of response

Future Trends Report Wales 2021

We will use the publication of the national milestones, updated indicators, and Future Trends Report as a platform to bring renewed focus on what matters to Wales and where progress is needed, and to ensure that we are better prepared to meet the challenges and seize the many opportunities that lie ahead.

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